The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket

Auteur: Edgar Allan Poe
Uitgeverij: Coppens & Frenks, Amsterdam
Jaar van uitgave: 2002
ISBN10: 9076917027
ISBN13: 9789076917023
Oplage: 1000 exemplaren
Taal: Engels
Genre: Avonturenroman
Omvang:  199 pagina’s
Bindwijze: Gebonden met stofomslag
Afmetingen: 133 x 205 x 20 mm
Gewicht: 375 gram

A stowaway aboard the whaling ship Grampus, Arthur Gordon Pym finds himself bound on an extraordinary voyage to the high southern latitudes. Poes novel recounts the incredible adventures and discoveries of Pym and his companions. There is mutiny, appalling butchery, and the exquisite horror of cannibalism premature burial within an impenetrable seaborne labyrinth a corpse-ridden ghost ship, gigantic polar bears, and uncharted islands peopled by barbarian hordes.